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Namaste Global Comm is the industry leader in the provision of telecommunications related governance solutions and services technologies such as:

Operator revenue assessment and monitoring

Traffic control and measurement (Voice, Data, SMS, MMS, Mobile Money)

Mobile phone importation enforcement

SIM card registration supervision

BTS analysis and identification

Fraud detection and Management

Security related operation and services


Our initial focus was in the development of real time and billing solutions for Operators. Today, whilst continuing to support and enhance our offerings, we have widened our focus to partner with Governments and National Telecommunications Regulators to deliver technologies and services that provide them with total visibility to monitor, manage and efficiently mediate their markets. NGC’s turnkey solutions further provide Government Authorities with significant revenue benefits to help grow the sector.


In support of the leading-edge solutions provided, Namaste Global Comm offers a full range of professional services aimed at enhancing the success of the customer project from signature through to the day to day activity:

Project Management

Project implementation including installation, configuration and administration as well as

Integration of platform with national networks and existing operations

Operation, Reporting and Business Intelligence

Training and Skills transfer

24/7/365 Support and Maintenance




Namaste Global Comm has amassed a substantial portfolio of solutions for the Telecommunications industry, Governments and Regulators; all of which have been designed with ‘agility’ in mind. That is, flexibility in the delivery of solutions that conform to open, industry standards. Solutions designed to be seamlessly and easily integrated into existing and future environments to deliver convergence across all industries. All of which are totally adaptable in a turn-key approach to each of our customer’s unique requirements. Our solutions have been designed to: 

• Be non-intrusive (without any impact on national networks)
• Respect and preserve data confidentiality
• Work in real-time
• Include a rich and complete transfer of skills program